White Suffolks

Our Suffolk breeding program was formed in 2008 when we bought 40 mixed age ewes off Pine Ridge with an Allendale ram.  The Suffolk line has since grown to about 150 breeding ewes, some of which have been sold & exported to China.

The White Suffolks breeding program was founded when we bought a complete stud off Peter and Mel Hill in 2006, which included 100 ewes, and has since grown to 350 stud breeding ewes. We breed over 100 rams and ewes that we sell locally at our Annual Sale on the 1st Thursday in October, as well as private sales afterwards.

Awards:   Adelaide Royal (Blue Ribbons)

Annual Sale:  Our Suffolks are sold locally at our Annual Sale on the first Thursday in October.

White Suffolk is an Australian breed of meat sheep developed for Australian conditions. A breeding program in the mid-1970s was to produce a breed with the conformation, structure and growth of the Suffolk but with a white head, legs and body. The White Suffolk produces good results in a variety of pastoral and mixed farming districts.