Poll Dorsets

Registered Stud

Poll Dorsets

Mullinger Park has been breeding Poll Dorsets for over 50 years, and registered its stud in 1990.

In 2010 we purchased the Roeston Park Stud from Chris & Alison Rowe to expand our stud.  We currently have over 650 stud ewes, breeding close to 250-300 Poll Dorset rams each year, with a selection of these sold in our annual sale, as well as private sales afterwards.

We run a large commercial flock that we trial our rams on as well.

Awards:   Adelaide Royal (Blue Ribbons), Hamilton Sheep Vention (Blue Ribbons)

Annual Sale:  Our Poll Dorsets are sold locally at our Annual Sale on the first Thursday in October.


The Poll Dorset is a short wool, meat producing sheep that was developed in Australia between 1937 and 1954 with the aim of breeding a true Dorset type sheep without horns. It’s main distinguishing features are its hornless appearance, long, lean square body set on short legs, pink skin and ‘spongy’ short-stapled wool. Poll Dorset rams are the most commonly used sire for the production of prime lambs in Australia. Ewes are noted for their high fertility, mothering and milking ability. The characteristics of the breed such as rapid growth rate, superior fleshing and muscular development make them ideally suited for the meat trade. Poll Dorset genes have also been a major contributor to the developing White Suffolk breed and almost all other prime lamb composite breeds in Australia.